Since our launch in 2017 with our well known titleholder jackets, you will find our products nationally on queens such as:

Miss America 2020- Camille Schrier

Miss America 2022- Emma Broyles

Miss Teen USA 2022- Breanna Myles

Little Miss United States 2021- Ryleigh Pollard

Miss United States 2021- Samantha Anderson

Ms. Woman United States 2021- Sara Peterson

Miss for America 2022- Rachel Fenters

Mrs. America 2022- Jackie Blankenship

Mrs. American 2022- Rhonda Wofford

Mrs. World 2021- Shaylyn Ford

Since the original jacket we have expanded to apparel, travel gear, jewelry, accessories, drawings, and so many other sparkling gifts. Every item is sure to add a little extra sparkle to your reign!  

We value thoughtful attention to detail, design and personalization that make Sparkling Designs uniquely created to provide custom creations that will hold memories for years to come.


Jenna began her pageantry journey in 2018 with the Miss America Organization where she was honored to hold a title all four years that she competed. Since her age out, Jenna has begun competing with the United States of America Pageant system to further her platform "It's Okay To Not Be Okay" and to promote mental health acceptance. Jenna knows how important it is to represent your title, even when not wearing your crown and sash. This is what led to the creation of sparking pageant gear that has allowed over 1200 queens to sparkle during their year of service!